Smart Masking DIY

There's probably a better way to do this but until Photoshop starts using python I'll have to use this workaround.

Made a separate file called "Manual_Masking.psd" that is essentially a gray-scale mask.  The other groups in the psd are to help painting and are hidden before the save action plays through.  You can make this look however you want so long as the groups are hidden before save.

All groups hidden - then the actions saves.

Previously the "Manual_Masking.psd" was embedded as a linked file (NOT a smart object!) into the diffuse,spec,and gloss.  When the action plays through it batch saves all of these and then re-opens the "Manual_Masking.psd"

Then Toolbag Auto updates nicely. It's a good way to manually paint wear and tear and can be used as a finishing move for your substances/ddos or go fully into hand painted PBR.