A friend recommended this to me and I've been slowly digesting it.  I decided to try and apply some of the principles to a custom ui config in zbrush.

Here's where I'm at with it so far.  I'm going to post updates on occasion with versioning and changelists.  Would like to overhaul the zbrush experience for myself leading into zbrush 5.

*This is focused on the hard surface process mostly.  It also favors lefties sorry!

You can download v1 Here and try it out - I recommend binding keys to the popups.  Alt combined with any key is almost completely unused in zbrush I think this was intentional - so I like to use that for all my keybinds.  I then assign them as macros to my mouse or wacom.

Save and backup your current layout to be safe!
Download custom UI

place into zstartup>userinterfacelayouts

message me with questions/suggestions <PC or FB