Symbolic Linking To Cloud Storage
(For Digital Artists)

Symbolic links are great!  They are like special shortcuts that enable you to put all your important presets onto your cloud storage and still let your software believe it is on the hard drive as expected.  

Here's how to do it.

Now test it out.

Under Link Location add the path to the folder you want to backup on cloud storage.
Under Link To add the path where you want it stored on the cloud.

Press "Go!"

The contents are moved from the "Link Location" to the "Link To" location.

And as far as your software is concerned the directory is still where it's always been thanks to the symbolic link.

Now you have your important presets backed up and easily shuttling from your home station and your work station.  (Assuming your work allows some type of cloud storage like this).

Disclaimer!!!  Always create backups before you try this out.  You can mess up and delete the directory if you do it out of order.